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Ecopro Injection EI 300

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Ecopro Injection EI 300 Ecopro

ECOPRO ECO INJECTION EI 300 is a single component, phthalate free, low viscosity, hydrophobic, polyurethane resin which is based on MDI (Methylene Diphenyl iso cyanate) polyurethane. It is designed to stop water infiltration and fill voids outside a structure or joint and cracks in concrete structures. It may also be used in applications with highpressure flowing water. The systems foams to 20-26 times its volume in the presence of water and can be an effective means of arresting running water seepage.
Suitable use at:
  • Fills joints or cracks in concrete structures that exhibit some movement
  • Fill voids such as rock fissures, crushed fault or gravel layers
  • May be used in applications with high pressure water flow
  • Curtain wall grouting below grade structures
  • Replaces or repairs failed existing liners.

  • Negative side application possible
  • low viscosity benefits penetration into hairline cracks
  • 100% solid & solvent free composition helps in shrinkage free grout
  • React with water,foam increases in volume to fill cavities and voids
  • Excellent bond to wet surfaces
  • Underwater injection approved
  • Good adhesive strength
  • Does not create new cracks
Begin by drilling 5/8” diameter holes along the side of the crack at a 45 degree angle. Drill the hole to intersect the crack midway through the substrate. Install injection packers in the holes and tighten. Spacing of the injection ports depends on crack width, but normal varies from 6” to 36”. It is always necessary to flush the drilled holes with water to remove debris and drill dust from the holes and crack. This will also ensure that the crack is wet enough to react with the grout when it is introduced to the crack. Begin the injection of the grout at the lowest packer installed on a vertical crack, or at the first packer flushed for a horizontal crack. During the injection, you will notice that the ECOPRO ECO INJECTION EI 300 displaces water from the crack. Continue injecting until the grout appears at the adjacent packer hole. Stop pumping and reinstall the packer in the adjacent hole. Tighten the packer and move the pump hose to the second packer and begin injection. Continue the process until 3-4 packers have been grouted. Disconnect and go back to the  first packer and inject all the ports for the second time if necessary. Some ports may take additional grout, which will fill up and further density the material in the crack. Continue process until the length of the prepared crack is injected.
Clean all tools and application equipment with suitable solvent immediately after use.Hardened / cured material can only be removed mechanically.

12 months when stored properly. Product is highly moisture sensitive. Store in original sealed containers at temperature between 15°C –30°C. Opened containers must be handled properly to prevent moisture contamination.

For personal precautions, applicators are recommended to wear gloves,mask and goggles when handling it. In case of a contact, the affected area should be washed with plenty of water and soap; in case of swallowing, a physician should be consulted immediately. No food or beverages should be brought to the application area. The productshould be stored and kept out of reach of children.
Form: Pale Yellow Liquid
Viscosity: ≈ 3000 cps
Specific Gravity: 1.03± 0.02
Solubility in water: Hydrophobic
Expansion: 20 - 26 times
Chloride content: N.D.
Toxic: N.D.
Shrinkage: 0%
Reaction Times:
  • Initial Reaction: 30 - 45 Seconds
  • Full Rise: 3 - 5 Minutes
  • Full Cure: 24 hours
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